Coping With Adversity in Uncertain Times

Aimed at line managers who need to manage remote employees/homeworkers, 'Coping with Adversity in Uncertain Times' is a two hour interactive webinar facilitated by Business Phychologist and experienced Mental Health Trainer, Sarah Ambrose,  who discusses how to respond to and support the mental health of staff, which can be particularly tricky during these challenging times.

Working at home has become a new concept for many, and may be how many of us continue to work in the future. But if you can’t see your staff, how can you really support their mental health and know how they are coping?

During this webinar, Sarah will discuss the signs of stress, how it affects our physiology, and how to deal with it. Employees may be struggling, experiencing panic attacks, suffering trauma, and having to juggle work with looking after children or elderly or sick relatives, so she will offer the tools and language needed by the managers to talk to their staff.  This will include key signs to watch out for, how to enhance listening skills, and how to signpost, so that support is easy and understandable.

Learn how to have that tricky but authentic conversation with an employee or colleague. Discover the importance of boundaries alongside encouragement to access further professional support which is readily available.  There is a 30 min Q+A session included and the course can be tailored to highlight useful resources available and details of your company EAP programme, if you have one.

COST:  £795.00 per course (NOT per person)
We recommend that groups should be no less than 8 but a strict maximum of 16 attendees.  Preferred time for the course is in the morning (when everyone is fresh and awake) but can take place at any other time of day.