Mental Health First Aider Course


Our most popular and the most effective mental health awareness course.

"This training has revolutionised my thinking on mental health. I will absolutely be applying it not only to my immediate team but the wider company (and my personal life). Thank you!"

A NEW ONLINE, instructor led, Mental Health First Aider course is now available to book for groups of between 8 and 12-16 delegates.  If you would like to book one of our fantastic MHFA trainers to run your Mental Health First Aider course, please contact us!  This ONLINE course is equivalent to the Two Day Mental Health First Aid course.

This internationally recognised 2-day (in-person) and ONLINE course which is similar to physical First Aid, provides the non-expert with comprehensive knowledge of the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and the confidence to intervene, both in crisis situations and in general.

MHFA is valuable in providing information on a range of mental health problems, along with reducing stigma and encouraging early intervention.

MHFA does not intend to train people to become therapists, but to provide the non-expert with knowledge of the first signs and symptoms of a range of mental health problems, and the confidence to intervene when a problem is observed – in the same way that they might in physical First Aid programmes.

MHFA aims to have Mental Health First Aid knowledge embedded into organisations.

The MHFA First Aider course (either in-person or online) is ideal for HR practitioners, managers, employees, volunteers or anyone with an interest in mental well-being. 

All delegates will receive the MHFA Manual, Workbook and attendance certificate included in the price. 

The aims of MHFA are:

  • To pre-empt work related stress, anxiety and depression
  • To prevent mental health problems becoming more serious
  • To promote recovery
  • To provide support to an employee experiencing mental health problems
  • To raise awareness of mental health problems in the community and in the workplace
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination
  • To preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others


MYB are able to offer places for £280 per person. For company based course, the group sizes should be of 8 to 12/16.  For the MYB Open to Public courses, the same price applies with only one person needing to book (there may be up to around 15 others on your course).  For the NEW ONLINE courses, the groups are for between 8 and 12-16 delegates.  MHFA England value the course at £300pp.

Please note that FULL attendance for the course duration is required to receive certification as a Mental Health First Aider.

Organisations wishing to book an in-house course, ONLINE or series of courses, should contact Judy Corney and Donna on or 01737 772126. These courses may be discounted depending on the number of delegates and courses booked.

MYB prides themselves in the quality of the trainers they use.  All the trainers are accredited to deliver Mental Health First Aid England courses and consistently attract very positive feedback. We have worked with them for many years. Detailed feedback is given on all of our trainers after every course, and continues to be excellent.


Equivalent to the Adult Mental Health Two Day course, we are running the Four Session Online Mental Health First Aider course over one week in November 2020.  Each of the four interactive session last up to 3.5 hours, with self-learning necessary before Session One and then between Sessions 2 & 3 & 4 - but this is for you to decide the most appropriate time!  Online learning may be here to stay, and you will enjoy the combination of learning tools including your own MHFA manual and workbook, online q&a, watching videos, and discussion.  Click on the booking form below for more details.


Mental Health First Aider Course

Dates and locations:

LocationONLINE - MHFA First Aider
TrainerJane Cattermole
From18th Jan 2021 @ 09:30
To27th Jan 2021 @ 16:00
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