Success stories

Flo's Story

From psychosis to teaching assistant

Six years after receiving a diagnosis of drug-induced psychosis Flo was referred to ESRA and attended a Moving On course. She was supported with job applications and attained part time employment at a local supermarket. Two years later, she attained full time employment with a local insurance company but became ill again and left…

“…Back to work plan” Flo contacted ESRA again in February this year at which point she had a part time job in a clothes shop. Working with Flo quite intensely, ESRA supported her to sort out some serious benefits issues and helped her to put a CV together. While we were doing a ‘Back to Work Plan’, it became clear that Flo’s pre-illness history of working with children, even raising money to go to Romania to work in an orphanage for a year, was still where her talents and interest lay.

“…Teaching Assistant” ESRA put her in contact with a local school that was known to be a good employer, having discovered through the grapevine that it was looking for a Teaching Assistant. We supported Flo through the interview procedure and she was offered the job. We also helped her throughout the Occupational Health process, did a very complicated ‘better off’ check to make sure she knew exactly what her financial situation would be and, through New Deal money, provided her with a bicycle to enable her to keep transport costs down. Flo is still working at the school and really enjoying it.

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