Success stories

Penny's Story

Chronic depression to youth centre

Penny had been an executive PA before a period of chronic depression led to three years when she was unable to work. Although referred via the Job Centre’s Disability Employment Advisor, she was a very proud woman who hated being on benefits and being associated with both Job Centres and the mental health system. She did not engage well with these services and was now without support…

Determined to find paid employment - Penny presented as a capable, intelligent woman but it was clear that her confidence had been shot to pieces. She did not want to do ESRA’s Moving On course as she felt, quite rightly, that she was a little beyond that. We explored work tasters and various options but she was determined to find paid employment. She did get a full time job as a medical secretary at a hospital but struggled almost immediately and again became increasingly ill.

Counselling - ESRA met with HR and her line managers to help with finding a solution. Despite this Penny decided to leave and we helped her through this process. We then supported her through a period of counseling. This led to renewed confidence and she is now employed part time as an administrator for a local youth centre. She is enjoying this very much and not finding it too stressful.

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