Success stories

Carrie's Story

From addiction to counselling

Carrie was referred via the Job Centre’s Disability Employment Advisor. She is a single mother of three and had been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for four years. She was keen to explore her options and particularly wanted to help others benefit from her own experience…

Strengths and weaknesses - As part of her Back to Work Plan, ESRA helped Carrie to identify her strengths and weaknesses. We then took her to a local project for homeless people, many of who suffer from substance misuse issues. She went into voluntary work there with guidance from the organisation’s volunteer counsellor.

Counselling courses - ESRA helped her explore different counselling courses and assess what each could offer her. She has now been accepted onto a certificate course. ESRA has helped her find funding and also provided her with some books from her reading list. We also helped her find the right support as she had little confidence in her ability to handle the necessary written course work. We believe she has the skills and determination to make a great counsellor who will be able to use her own lived experience to the benefit of others.

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