Support & Information

In Work Support

Helping you to stay in work by:

  • Sharing our specialist knowledge and experience in mental health issues with you and your employer
  • Acting as a neutral third party and helping to encourage positive dialogue between you and your employer
  • Independent mediation on your personal or work issues
  • Non intrusive communication about your mental health issues
  • Objective views for consideration by both parties
  • Effective management of any situation

Support includes:

  • One to one, face to face support for both you and your employer
  • Working with you and your employer to find solutions to assist employees to work more effectively
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Support and advice on reasonable adjustments, for example, manageable hours and tasks
  • Planning and organising a safe and gradual return to work
  • Mentoring
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Continued on site assessment to help identify any ongoing training and development needs

Minding Your Business - Click on the link for more information on our Minding Your Business training programme. Used by both corporate and other organisations, this is designed to meet the needs of businesses wishing to improve their ability to support employees, colleagues, or clients with mental health issues.