Poor Mental Health is costing UK businesses £42 Billion

by Graham Plummer on February 12, 2020

In research conducted by Deloitte ('Mental health and employers: the case for refreshing investment’ published in January 2020), they found that the figure shows an increase of 16% over the last piece they did in 2016, which stood at £37bn.

This latest research builds on the work conducted by Deloitte in 2017 for the Stevenson-Farmer Review that produced the Thriving at Work Report, commissioned by the UK Government under Theresa May, which looked into workplace mental health. They calculated then that poor mental health cost UK employers £33-42bn a year.

Supporting your employees should be the heart of your culture and educating Line Managers to understand mental health, support individuals by listening, create action plans and help them get the right support to stay well and productive.

Our expert MHFA courses are just the start of the journey.

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